Submission – the sending of a manuscript

Submission, I’ve been kind of preoccupied with this word lately.  When I would submit, what I would submit and to whom.  It’s done now, well that is I have submitted my manuscript to four publishers.  I did my homework and chose the four that I thought had published similar work to my novel.  So now the waiting game ensues.

It is strange to know that somewhere in an office in Melbourne someone could be reading my novel. Is that how it works they just sit and read? What a wonderful job.

I said to a random stranger on the beach yesterday

‘I’m not very patient!’
‘No one is patient when they really want something’ he replied

So I check my emails every morning, lunchtime and evening. I make sure that there is nothing in the spam box. It’s only been five days and can supposedly take months to get a response. No wonder it is called submission, my hands are tied.  Similar to my character Sharon who spends most of her time in the basement submitting or making others submit.

I have only just started learning about Sharon as she is a ‘sub’ (there I go again!) character in the first book.  However in book two, which I am now writing she has a voice and wow is it powerful. I guess just because you have submitted, you can keep your power.  I certainly need it to write book two.

What I really need is the strength of Harry, another character. Harry is strong physically and mentally. He wouldn’t be worrying about getting a response. He would be down the pub bragging about his book, how it will make him a millionaire! He would be in the basement with Sharon in pre-celebration of publication. God he’s cocky!

So somewhere in the CBD of Melbourne on Collins or Elizabeth Street I am laid bare for all to see and judge. Whilst here at my desk I try to let book two flow, let the characters merge. They help keep me occupied and stop me checking my inbox every five minutes.

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