Horrible Halloween

It’s not often I am chained to my bed.  Who has the time to be ill! But as I awoke to the sound of thunder on Halloween and thought it quite appropriate. I didn’t realise I would be spending the whole day with my head in a plastic bag. Sitting on the toilet with the plastic bag. Both ends in simultaneous explosions.

 It’s not November the 5th you know! I thought staring at my toes.

I haven’t kept water down since last night and I am gasping. Sipping seems a waste of time but gulping is not an option.

I should be sitting here writing my book, but getting into character would be too difficult. I’m afraid I have to share this horrible Halloween with you instead.

It is strange to wander the streets on Halloween on a hot sunny afternoon. Obviously in England it will be dark by the time all the ghosts and gouls adorn their lamp light streets. It is the one time of year in Australia that I feel like I am on set of a 90’s American film with Corey Haim. It just isn’t spooky enough!

Some people distress at the thought of Halloween, perhaps it being the eve of All Saints Day. Does kind of beg the question is today All Sinners Day?

I definitely believe that we leave a little of ourselves on the Earth. I have witnessed a few little miracles from loved ones that have passed.  Luckily not on Halloween.

However I do recall a Halloween in a house we lived in England where on Halloween the electrics kept switching off. I would go to the fuse box and turn them back on only for them to short again. In the end I decided it was time for an early night.  On another occasion when staying at an old jail in Lincolnshire that had been converted into a luxury cottage.  I lay in bed and wondered at who had been kept there and how awful it had been for them. Immediately the light started to flicker, I tried to think of something else but every time I came back to that thought the light would flicker again.

There is more to this life than anyone knows and a little fun & frolics today for the kids is fantastic. It’s like any other celebration religious or otherwise as long as everyone is respectful of others, including the spirits it should be fun not feared.

I have now managed to keep fluid down for nearly twenty minutes so as usual writing has come to the rescue of my mallady.

Happy Halloween!

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