The Ping of Hope

I get home from my writing group and turn on the laptop. Jodie and Tabitha are in Jabiru, Northern Territory, Australia and it’s about 38 degrees. They sit together in the pub supping beer, laughing and joking.  As the sun fades on the horizon their eyes reflect the changing light on the escarpment. After a hard weeks work Victoria Bitter has quenched the girls thirst and soothed their tired limbs but there is an ache they share that VB can’t touch.


Finally an email from a publisher, I read it and let out a little scream. They ask me to send more chapters! This is great, they want more. I take the liberty of sending them more from book one but also some chapters of book two which I am now nearly half way through. I arrange my documents ready to send back, read and re-read. Please love it.

I’m so excited and yet I realise this is a drop in the ocean, I might never hear back again. Stay positive, believe. I will get that book deal.

My hunger for this is now quite ferocious. I growl at the laptop as I send my email back trying to send my energy too.

‘Come on let’s do this!’ I say sounding curiously like a tennis player giving themselves a pep talk.

I’m here let’s get on with it, my book is ready to go and so am I!

Before my altercation with the author at the Wheeler Centre. I was sat listening to them talking about the next big thing. It’s me, It’s me! I thought. I know that sounds awfully arrogant but this is different I’m happy and proud of my work. I know these books could do a lot of good. Perhaps break down a few barriers, just as writing them has broken down my barriers. It’s why my emotions run high when I talk about my writing. It’s me on a plate, no holes barred. I don’t care if people like it or loath it, as long as it’s heard. Please world just listen, even if it is background music on your elevator ride. It’s on, it’s alive, it has a pulse, in fact it gives me palpitations!

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