Frankie’s Fiction

It was busy on the train into Flinders Street but Sarah managed to get a seat.  The man opposite catching glances in her direction was about her fathers age and ruggedly handsome.  Sarah’s phone beeped and she looked down.

Running five minutes late, meet you inside the NGV

She looked out of the window noticing some of the tin roofs passing by. It had been a long time since she had stayed with her Gran in Warburton. She loved thinking back to the nights she had spent laying in her bed listening to the rain hammering on the roof. The sound would send her off to sleep and at other times would wake her up with huge crashing thunder and lightning. Luckily their house never got hit, she knew a few in Warby that had.

The train pulls into Moorabbin and two boys get on. They are loud and aggressive, Sarah sinks back against her seat whilst the man opposite immediately sits taller.  As their voices become louder and the swearing more pronounce the man turns and gives them a quick glare which seems to have the desired effect and they soon become quiet. This makes Sarah relax and she smiles at him.  The man returning her gratitude with a huge grin that reaches all the way to his forehead.

She goes back to the world outside the window, hoping Flinders Street would hurry up and wondering what is making Clint late. She knows she has to ask him about the conversation they had a few weeks ago and her stomach starts to flip.  She wants a commitment from him they have been going out for over a year. She never knows where he is or what he is up to.  She is madly in love with him but what use is that if he is Mr Wrong and not Mr Right.  She imagines him down on one knee asking her to marry him.  His wide shoulders and his hair falling in front of his deep brown eyes as he flicks it away. The smile he gives to others and then the one he saves just for her. The way he tickles her palm as they hold hands. It’s all so perfect she smiles to herself but then raises an eye brow to her reflection in the window.

What is the point if it’s just not going anywhere!

The train comes to a stop and the doors open, will she be in his arms tonight as they walk along the South Bank or will she be walking home alone.

Why is it so confusing to be in love

She walks out of the station with the locals into the swaths of tourists. Swiping her Myki card she smiles at the ticket inspector and walks into the heat of the day from the shelter of the cool station.

On the bridge a curly haired busker is playing a saxophone.  The music arouses the nervous excitement in her stomach. She stops and fumbles in her pocket for a coin, finding two dollars. She bows to the dark curly-haired man and places the coin in his hat, he catches her eye and winks.

Knowing Clint is going to be late, Sarah walks slowly her heels click clacking on the pavement. The wind whipping her long blonde hair.

On entering the National Gallery of Victoria she is greeted by various brightly coloured polar bears! The sight makes her laugh immediately. Children are stroking them and people stand, gazing at this work of art. The polar bears make her think of snow and how wonderful it would be to have a white Christmas.

An arm touches her waist and she feels his warm lips brush her cheek.

‘How are ya babe?’ he says, everyone close by watching him as he exudes his normal high charismatic energy.

‘Good, you?’

‘Good now, what about this then!’ He says looking at the polar bears. ‘Shall we go for a wander?’

‘Sure’ Sarah replies taking his hand, letting everyone know, he is mine.

They go up the escalators to the next floor and walk through the gallery occasionally stopping to discuss a picture here, a painting there. The air-con is too cold and a shiver runs done Sarah’s spine. Clint seems slightly distant today.

In the café Clint orders a big breakfast and Sarah just a skinny latte. Sipping their coffee she decides to approach the subject that they have not spoken about for three weeks, Sarah has counted the days.

‘Have you thought about it, us looking at a place together?’

His face changes immediately and he withdraws his hand from hers.

‘Why? Sarah, why do we have to change something that works?’

‘Quite simply, I want to know if there is a future to this, we’ve been seeing each other a year and I still only see you once a week’

‘We are happy, why can’t that be enough’

Sarah sigh’s and gets up from the table.

‘It just isn’t enough’ she says turning her back to him. She travels down the escalator and through the doors into the warm air.  Her walk back to the station is fast, a blur, she doesn’t hear the saxophone.

Sitting on the train to Frankston she sends a text to Phil, her pal from Uni.  If anyone can make her feel better it’s him.

‘It’s over Phil! Can we meet for coffee?’

‘Oh Darl 🙁  Gloria Jeans in half an hour?’

‘See you then, Thanks xxx’

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