Ten Months of Writing

I thought I’d map out what has happened this year.  In February I started writing my first fictional novel, my aim was to finish this by December. Then at Swinburne Uni I was told ‘write everyday’. My good friend bought me a planning diary and I soon realised my manuscript would be finished way before Christmas! In fact it was finished in July.  All 67,000 words of it, I actually wrote more like 80,000 but edited it down.  I think it fits in the genre of Chick Lit, a friend said it could be Bridget Jones meets Monkey Grip.

In June I started this blog and decided on my pen name of Frankie Banks.  Somehow having a pen name enabled me to write exactly what I wanted.  Is it hiding?  Possibly! All I know is that Frankie has bigger balls than I do and if you’re going to be any good as a writer, a decent pair goes a long way!

In August I joined a Writers Group to get some feedback on my book.  The feedback was positive and I started to learn alot about writing and I realised my weapon was content.  I had great content but needed to work on the minute details. That’s where I lacked finesse.  In October I sent my first manuscript to five top publishers (mainly via their website submission pages).  Last month I heard back from one asking me to submit more chapters, which I have done along with the first few of book two.

I wanted to give myself a challenge for book two. So I decided on an eight week target. I knew the format now as it would be a sequel to book one.  I wanted to explore the sub characters a bit more.  The writing this time was less in the middle of the night and much more planned.  I was in control of the beast instead of the beast controlling me. This is the book that will be finished in December.  Well it’s basically finished as I write I just want to print it out and do the big read through and edit.  When is a book really finished?  Probably when it’s on the shelf of the book shop!  I’m not quite there yet but ever closer!

In October I started writing with an executive coach. We exchange our skills.  He wants me to see my writing as a business as well as a passion and hopefully one day I might actually make some money out of it.  Well when I say hopefully one day what I mean is next year. 2016 will be Frankie’s year!

My plan for next year is to submit both my manuscripts to more publishers and also to get more reviews.  I have two more books planned to write which no doubt will start when they are ready and not when I want to.  I also need to be more visible and work on the ‘business’ end of things, website, contacts etc.  I would also love to do more writing for others, everyone has a story to tell.

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