Something’s happening!

Isn’t it amazing when you just click with someone.  They get you and you get them.  Sometimes words are not needed.  This is happening a lot recently. I’m making a lot of new friends and finding them in the most unusual places! When I say friends it feels more like old family acquaintances that have been missing from my life for a while. They know me better than I know myself.  We share a history, although our historical journeys could not be further apart if we tried!

Are we just a mirror of other people’s emotions and state of mind. Is happiness contagious? Negativity a plague? Are my new friends just a mirror of me.

You always get one don’t you that wants to pull the plug. I haven’t met them yet but I’m sure they are just around the corner.  However there is no plug to pull from my happiness. You see I have an infinite flow, a perpetual waterfull of power, happiness, awakening.

Whatever it is, it has no bounds because I can write. Sometimes my writing might not be very good or to everyone’s taste. It is an expression just like dancing that hopefully will never be taken away from me. It will achieve more with every word, with every turn of my hand.

This river of contentment is carrying me with it, it runs through people and places. Washing with me their emotions, their pain and happiness. It is a dream like state that envelopes me at the most unusual times.  My arms outstretched my body taught.  I won’t let go until I reach land. I’m not sure what I will find but I know when I get there I will breathe a huge sigh of relief. I will relax on the shore of the white sandy beach with the sun gazing down. I will smile and exhale.

I have swam against the tide. I have fought to be heard in a crowded room.  Finally people are taking an interest. They can’t quite hear me yet but I will continue to yell until they become accustomed to my dialogue.  They are trying to listen for which I am grateful.

And so I am propelled. I’m not there yet and although this is the hard work, I know the current will take me with it. That wonderful feeling of blood pumping around your muscles. Yes I am working hard but I am sailing in the direction of light.

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