Page Three…the error

I have sent my manuscript to various publishers and then today as I went through it for the umpteenth time I saw it. That bloody error on the third page! This means that all five publishers will have seen it.  Some publishers want 100 pages, some the first chapter, all want a synopsis. One wanted a three line synopsis! To which my explicit words were rampant for a good half hour whilst composing.

I knew that my writing ability was growing because I could now edit. My adjustments to my book were enriching not just grammatically correct. Why didn’t I see that bloody error?

As I write this I realise ‘page three’ has a completely different connotation in England thanks to Rupert Murdoch. Page three to a certain newspaper reader in England means tits, topless models.  I’m sure The Sun stopped this ridiculous marketing ploy shortly after we left.  I’m afraid my error will not be quite so titillating.

If I use my introspective view, we probably all have an error on page three. We give the best on the first meeting holding back our fragilities and idiosyncrasies.  The second meeting we give slightly more away. The third  we give up the pretence and relax into our selves, the real person. This is when the magic happens. Not one of us are complete and seeing each other’s imperfections is endearing. It brings us closer together, shifting our perception of each other.

My problem is I am not perfectionist, never have been.  I have always thought of this as a strength, watching friends meticulously dressed and striving to please everyone.  Maybe it is arrogance but I have never strived for perfection.  I am far from perfect and therefore anything I produce cannot be so.  I do however want my book to be the best I can do, the best I can be.  I will also have to please people if anyone is going to read it.

So I conclude maybe this error on page three is just me, I will correct it, I already have.  However, it is already out in the world.  Surely one small error will not put the publishers off?

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  1. Nobody is perfect to everyone but only to a few, they are on the same plateau as you. Even they may not admit it, because you will be their equal.

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