Endurance, the hard work

I have never understood physical endurance tests. One of our good friends once did the Marathon de Sables; five and a half marathons in five or six days, set in the Sahara Desert.  I am currently writing with a guy who has swam the English Channel. Why? Was my first question. Surely life is difficult enough without giving yourself more challenges. However I have realised that giving yourself these bigger challenges makes very easy work of everything else.  Isn’t it true, that through struggle we grow?

Feeling physically fit is mentally empowering. Being a Pom in Melbourne can sometimes feel like a fish out of water. Aussies are a beautiful race and generally seem a lot more active than us Brits. Beach Road is more of a cycle track than a road. Swimmers don’t just go to the beach to muck about, they go to swim five kilometres, ten kilometres. Even around the bay!

Of course I’m generalising there are obesity problems in Melbourne just like everywhere else in the world. But I guess the sparkly fish will always stand out. In Aus it seems it is more about having a go than immediate success.

‘Have a go, you never know!’ My children chant.

The good thing about mixing with these beautiful creatures is that it makes you want to try too. Try to be your best inside and out. It can be hard work. But surely the harder you work the more you are rewarded. From your body, your mind, your life.

The limitless mind enables the limitless body, perhaps it is the other way around! I’m not sure I will ever achieve limitless, but the barriers are definitely coming down. The goal posts are shifting.

Starting a novel is not endurance, it’s just flow. Beautiful flow. I can’t wait to get back to it, back to the starting line. I had decided to have a break over Christmas but I’m not sure that’s possible! My characters are calling me, they are ready to go again.

My leading man Harry can’t stay still for long, he gets fidgety. But as I see him standing on the track at the starting line with Sharon by his side. I think, it’s ok to start this race but I haven’t yet decided where book three concludes. What time are we aiming for?

‘I don’t care love, let’s just bloody get on with it, shall we!’ Harry declares

I may not be an endurance athlete but there is one thing I do know about writing. If you just get on with it, the story will progress, the characters will evolve and you will cross the finish line.

‘Ok Harry let’s go!’ I smile at him. Sharon stands next to us in her colour coordinated running gear, her blonde hair pulled tight into a pony tail.  She has never ran anywhere in her life, some people are just naturally slim and beautiful.  Sharon has done her homework though, just in other ways, quietly in a place that other people can’t see. She is one of life’s beautiful swan’s, the hard work happening beneath the surface, working furiously to keep herself afloat. Now its time she was rewarded.

‘Lets stay together, no running off Harry!’ I say, knowing Sharon will need our help

‘As if’ he says, a deep throaty laugh escaping from his open mouth.

Sharon looks up at him in admiration, her wide eyes pulling him towards her.

Here we go again!

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