A Christmas Present – Tiny Things to Write About

As a Christmas gift I was given a book of tiny things to write about. I’m sure it will improve my writing and I thought I would share some with you.

One morning you run into the person who bullied you at school. After preliminary greetings, you let loose, what do you say?


‘Isn’t it strange that when we were alone together you were always so kind. I guess you tried to make yourself look superior to me in front of everyone else by putting me down. However I saw in other people’s eyes pity, not for me but for you. I was always winning our battle, even when I didn’t want to. Sorry. I hope you have more confidence as an adult.’

If you had to choose one object from your possessions (past or present) to symbolise your entire life, what would it be, write a few sentences.

It would have to be my Nans pearls. She is no longer with us in body but I know she’s always in my heart. The pearls represent family and the sea. I don’t wear them often but when I do I feel proud. They hold light and reflect it.

Write as many adjectives as you can to describe the colour black.

Darkness, infinite space, lightless, night-time, cavern, shadows, deep dark water, power, depressive, closed

Write as many adjectives as you can to describe the colour white.

Light, lightening, space, power, infinite wisdom, sun, moon, stars, blank piece of paper, blank thoughts, open

You step into the street without really looking and a bus zooms by, almost hitting you. What flashes through your mind?

The Sea, my family, Lemon ice cream, a holiday in Rome, my wedding. The elation of finishing my first novel.

Write your life story in five sentences.

I grew up in Southend on Sea, living by the sea made me a dreamer. Commuting to & from London I would stare at the sky in search of more. My two beautiful children arrived in my life and meaning was found. Having travelled to Australia in my twenties I just had to return, the sun, sea and passion called me. Once here in Melbourne I started to write.

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