The Second Book

Oh the second book is so much better! I am even enjoying the edit. Don’t get me wrong the first book is good but as someone once told me, ‘the first book is just getting rid of the emotion, the second is where the magic begins!’  That was great advice,  I would love to post some of it on here. However I’m still hoping for a publishing deal so I need to keep my cards close to my chest, for now!

This year I have four more books planned plus a few collaborative projects. First though I need to focus and get book two edited. The amazing thing with this manuscript is that the characters I have created have introduced me to their friends and so now my options are limitless. The world is opening its doors to me but I need to be patient. I have to immerse myself in Aussie culture to develop these sub characters. That’s fine it gives me time to concentrate on the ones I know well, the ones who chatter in my ear at 2am! Once I have edited both manuscripts One & Two will be heading to England. So I would hurry up Aussie publishers or you might just might miss the boat!

Book three, a short novella of my two favourite characters Sharon and the notorious Harry is set in Portugal. I have already started this but I am holding onto the reigns as steady as I can whilst I am still editing.  Harry & Sharon are not people who play by the rules, they will get fed up if I keep them hanging on too long. This book I am thinking of self publishing as a taster of my series.

Book four is going to be a step back in time and I’m hoping for some help from home with this. Southend on Sea in the 60’s, I reckon would be pretty cool!  I can already imagine the seafront brimming with Londoners, drinking and flirting in the sun.

Book five will be a tour from Darwin to Perth with Tabatha & Jodie. I’m hoping I might actually have an income by then to fund a few research trips. The west coast of Australia is sure to have changed a lot in the last ten years. Will I still have the nerve to swim out to the Ningaloo Reef? I bloody hope so!

Book six is back in Blighty, Sharon and Harry have fallen in love instead of lust! Much to both their surprise they have never been happier. Little do they know under the strangest of circumstance they will bump into Milla.  Tabatha is sure to be back on the scene at some point too.

So my 2016 plan is to just keep writing. I will ‘just keep swimming’ like Dory. Although my eyes occasionally glance at the golden glint of light at the top.  I will keep my torch shining just a few feet ahead, celebrating my small accomplishments along the way until the big ones smack me in the face!

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