Alan Rickman, Quentin Tarantino and Larry Lamb

Goodbye Alan Rickman

So Alan Rickman is no longer with us. I have admired this man since I was 12, when I watched him in Truly Madly Deeply. His velvet tongue and huge charisma is what drew me in and kept me at his adoring side.

‘Don’t get too upset’ my husband said as he told me the news.

My mum and I once went to see him at the theatre in a Noel Coward play.  I was too young to appreciate the play but his charisma as he walked onto the stage was larger than life.  His wonderful voice boomed and bounced around the room and then at other times could be so smooth and tender, setting everyone on the edge of their seats trying to listen to the soft melodic tones.  Then all at once he could turn to ice that sliced through the warm atmosphere.

When the few tears stopped all I could think was I didn’t tell him how much A Touch of Chaos changed my life. Obviously I don’t know the man but I should have tried, I should have sent that email to his agent. Whilst sitting on the plane at 33,000 ft. I watched my life unfold metaphorically. I seriously owe that film my unbounded energy that before had been locked inside. So thank you Alan Rickman. I wish I could have said it to your face but I know you are listening wherever you are.

Hello Tarantino

I spoke to my brother this morning (first family member to read my manuscript).

‘I can imagine it as a Tarantino film’ he said

I grabbed his words like Cyril Riolli grabs the footie.

‘Funny you should say that, last night as we saw his new film advertised, knowing he will only do two more I thought; I should send him my manuscript.’

Whilst attending my writers group this morning my editor told me she see’s my manuscript as a screenplay.  When I mentioned Tarantinto her eyes lite up,

‘Oh someone like that would really do it justice!’

So I will send my manuscript to him. What have I got to lose!

C’mon Larry

I also told my writing group that I could really see Larry Lamb playing Harry. I received agreement. So an email has been sent.

Reach for the stars!

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