Pumped, Fired Up and Ready to Go

Its a funny word pumped, it conjures up bulging biceps and ripped torso’s. Ripped is another Aussie slang that I had probably heard in England but would never actually use! I guess….suppose if I was still in England I would use the words Fired up!  It’s all coming together.

frankie banks writing

Well I’m in Aus not England and I’m feeling pumped!  I have the next two years mapped out in terms of writing.  I have projected two possibly three books this year in my Sharks & Lovers series and the same for 2017.

Obviously I will still need to work on getting published and once published, promote.  I will also be doing my freelance work too.

My editor agreed that the HarperImpulse comments were in fact very positive.  Although the comments have changed my actions a little. I skimmed through book one again and found a chapter I could add to. If I wrote this manuscript now it would read very differently and I don’t want that. Part One is just that, it is the beginning of a journey, the opening scene. I am hoping I’m not being too stubborn and have seen clearly what needed slightly more detail. The chapter looked incomplete so I trusted my gut and expanded a little.

Whilst going through my files of this book; Book One Clean Copy, Book One 171 pages Clean Copy, Book One Final Edit, Book One Dec 2015, Book One Last and Final Edit, Book One Last Edit 2016, Final Edit first 100 pages, Book One Last and Final Edit 171 pages. I decided to start being slightly more meticulous in my filing strategy too and have opened a folder entitled Completed Books.  My books will not be allowed into this folder unless I am satisfied that at this moment in time they are the best I can produce.  So after a tweak or two Book One is now there, it’s getting a bit lonely though so I’d better get on with Book Two’s edit.

My book Sharks & Lovers is available to download here:

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