More Than One Road to Success

Success and Site Engine Optimisation

I met a wonderful woman today Jules from Vent2Me she is a marketing marvel! It was great to meet her and share ideas knowing we will be able to help each other move in the right direction. She has given me some fantastic tips.

We met in Berwick, I have never been there before as a destination only driven through. It was great to wonder around, even in the pouring rain. Everyone was friendly and helpful and it had an old world charm.

So I have a few things I need to do to make my website shine. The first thing is to start using links in my blogs.  Another wonderful blogger Anna Spoke has also talked about this in her post don’t fear html.

‘You will be a marketing guru before you know it’ Jules told me.

Really? I thought laughing.  Little did I realise later that night I would be adding categories and tags to my posts like no tomorrow! Obviously adding links is pretty easy too.

I soon realised that this chat was as much about giving me confidence as imparting knowledge. I came away feeling like I had just been given the golden key to unlock the that I have never understood or been allowed access to.

“It’s so strange I was just sitting there thinking who am I going to get to write this piece, when your email came through entitled Help!’ Jules says as we sip our coffee

synchronicity‘ it’s a wonderful feeling when it all comes together. Sometimes it really is as easy as asking for what you want.

As I drove home my sat nav taking me back to the peninsula along a completely different road.  I realised maybe there are many different roads that lead to success. None of them are going to be straight but I’m sure they will all be interesting and teach me something new.

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