Coming Out

The Breakthrough – Coming Out

So when do you come out?  I’m not talking about sexuality. I’m talking about in a professional sense.  I’m guessing a lot of us stumble along for a good few years without really finding our niche, so when we do find it sometimes it comes as a bit of a surprise. ‘I’m a writer’ I find myself saying in a hushed tone as if I was living in the 14th century and could be burnt at the stake for such witchcraft!

Just because we have found what we want to do, it doesn’t mean that we are any good at it. Maybe we need a lot of practise, perhaps we need to get in training.  There is something we all expect though and that is that everyone around us will be as pleased as we are.  The elation you feel of finding that thing that makes you tick, that you love to do and makes you thrive.  Surely everyone around you can see that too?

Perhaps it comes as a shock.

‘Where did this prolific writer come from?’

My husband asked me a while ago. I looked up at him for a second and then carried on writing. The truth is it doesn’t matter where or when it happened. It did happen and I need to write as much as I need water on these barmy hot summer days.

So when do you become completely comfortable with this new you? When do you share this person with everyone you know? Not just the select few that have kept your secret safe whilst you have become accustomed to this new improved you.  Now is my answer, I have been writing for over a year and I feel comfortable with it, it’s part of me now.  So it’s time to tell the world.

I have had a lot of breakthroughs since I started to write, the last one was my big F@#^ Off to the world a while ago.  Here you can read all about my fight or flight moment.   I had worked hard at my book and I wasn’t going to let anyone stand in my way. This is different, this is a calm place, a calm me so hopefully this will be a little smoother.

I wonder if everyone has one of these moments whilst they grow into their new business or self. Please tell me if you have, I would love to know.

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One thought on “Coming Out

  1. I would say I’m at the point right now where I’m saying quietly ‘I am a writer’. I have told a few people but not many.
    I have started my blog in hopes that it can help me in ‘coming out’.

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