What’s Right is Not Always Fair

What’s Write is Not Always Fair

frankie banks transcript

Working in the city of London in the late 90’s was certainly right for me. Whilst working at the bank I befriended an Oxbridge grad who would take me for lunch or dinner and sometimes both! He was about 8 years older than me and his IQ was through the roof. This was my first job in London, green is a word that springs to mind. One day after work I got a taxi across London Bridge to his place in Butlers Wharf.

We always philosophised about life together, he loved my rose tinted glasses. I loved his clever authority. On this occasion we discussed right and wrong which led to right and fair.

‘If there was a shuttle to the moon and only ten people could go, who would they pick?’ he asked

‘The richest people would go of course, the richest and cleverest, people like you’ I told him

Not people like me! I thought

‘No, you’re wrong, it would be the best, the best athlete, the best organiser, the best cook, the best horticulturist. Just because you have the money and the talent that means nothing, it’s what you do with it that counts’

‘But what about the people that don’t have the opportunity to be their best?’

‘You are the only person that ever stops you doing anything, what’s right is not always fair!’

I don’t think I was ready for that conversation at 18. I was far too busy sailing through life gathering experiences. It was an invaluable lesson though and I hope he is still teaching his wisdom to others.  It took me years to really understand that conversation, (I don’t mind admitting that happens a lot!).  Luckily I seem able to store the good stuff and retrieve the golden files when I need them.

I didn’t ever want to be an astronaut, I honestly thought they were mad!  Why would you want to do something that scary, why would you put your family through that?  What I didn’t realise is that they were being the best they could be and had found something that they loved.  Maybe it’s not about landing on the moon, living in the space station or discovering new planets. It’s about having the bravery to take the journey, having the belief that you can do it.

So what’s right is not always fair. If you have belief in yourself and your ability to do it, it is however right for you.  It will never be fair for everyone.

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