The Screenplay

Could my Manuscript be Turned into a Screenplay?


I met with a film producer yesterday, he had read my first two chapters and liked them.  It is always good when someone likes your work but it is even better if they inspire you.  I have now started to rewrite my first book as a screenplay.  I have found more detail is needed and so the book is getting more descriptive.  In short the manuscript is getting better, my writing is improving and the story is getting deeper.  I had been so involved with other projects I had started to doubt that first manuscript.  So it was amazing to be brought back to it, back to exactly where I was this time last year, writing it.

Re Writing a Manuscript Into a Screenplay

The re-write is strange, not what I thought at all.  It takes you deeper into the story, everything needs explaining further, the details of the setting and of course more dialogue.  I now understand why when you read the book it is never the same as the film, (well nearly never!).  It has to jump out more, although there are obviously still scenes that will need to be left to the imagination (especially where Harry is involved!).  I started with Chapter One setting the scene but then merged it with Chapter Three instead of two! Milla needed more time.  I can’t wait to get stuck into Harry.  I am seeing my first manuscript in a completely new light, could it be a spotlight on the stage?

Book One, Book Two, Perhaps They are just One Screenplay

Now I am seeing book two as crucial, some of the content will need to be written into the screenplay.  I think book one and two need to merge, mingle and thread.  It is so exciting and just what I needed at this point in writing, a new challenge!

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