Sex and the Theatre

  The Village Bike Theatre Production

In such a small theatre to be confronted by so much sexy raw energy was powerful. It filled me up and gave me hope that one day my story could be on the stage.  After trying to write a screenplay that week it was great to see words come to life.  I often see my words as pictures but that doesn’t mean everyone else does!

The play followed a woman whose pregnancy has turned her husband off sex.  She embarks on a love affair with a bike and the seller of the bike! He was a complete arse and obviously well acted as I couldn’t believe she wanted him in any way shape or form. The plumber on the other hand (who she used for sex to try and make the arsey bike seller jealous) was gorgeous, why didn’t she pick him? The emotions were portrayed in a rollercoaster ride and reminded me of my own two pregnancy’s.

The sex scene’s were obviously hard to convey in such a small space and were sometimes laughable.  The sex scenes in my own work can lack humour so maybe I was reflecting on that.  I didn’t know if I was supposed to be laughing or not. Was the audience uncomfortable or were the actors? Were we all supposed to be? It wasn’t passionate enough, yes it filled her needs but is that really all it was, a quick feed?

There were some powerful scene’s between the husband and wife, largely when not talking and the atmosphere was fraught.

I would definitely return to The Red Stitch Theatre.  An enjoyable evening even if the sex was mainly laughable, perhaps it was supposed to be!

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