Writing Book Three – Harry’s Back!

Writing the Next Book

I woke up at 3am. Laying in the dark my tired brain started blaming me for all the wrongs; mine, yours and everyone else’s. Then rolling over I start worrying about all the could be’s And shouldn’t be’s and maybe’s.

‘Sod this Darling!’ Harry said

He carried me up the stairs in his strong arms and plonked me down in the chair. He opened my laptop and we started to chat as I started to write. I was so pleased he was back.  I thought about apologising for not giving him a voice in the last book but I knew he would just tell me to shut up so I let my fingers do the talking.

Wow did he have a lot to say! He is in Portugal with Sharon and the dialogue poured out of him. He was letting me know who’s boss and that’s ok. He rules supreme in every  woman’s heart I’m sure, well from his perspective anyway.

An hour passed and chapter one of book three was finished. I have been doing a lot of writing recently but not a huge amount of fiction.  It’s good to be back in the land of imagination. I don’t mind the occasional 3am wake up call from Harry but hopefully this time we can do most of the work while the sun shines!

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