Skinny Dip


You Don’t Have to Be Skinny To Dip a Toe in the Pond of Liberation

We went skinny dipping the other night. I am 37 and have never done that before; I have never felt comfortable enough in my own skin. It is a lot curvier and a bit more wobbly than it use to be, (my skin) but I love it!

I also love exercise, I exercise to feel strong not to be skinny, skinny and I have never met.  Skinny is that illusive friend that others seem to find occasionally. Her and I are not destined to be acquainted in this life. However liberation is a one size fits all. This experience was not about my body but about my soul.  It was about liberation.

It had been a hot muggy Melbourne day. After a few drinks we wondered down to the beach, barefoot. Some of the girls I was with had the foresight to have their bathers already on.  As everyone undressed revealing their bikinis, I felt lost.  Damn I hate being the Pom in Aus, the one that doesn’t know the secret code, the norm, the thing to do.  No-one else cares, just me.

‘Just strip down to your undies’ a lovely friend suggested

I didn’t want to be in cold wet undies for hours afterwards though. We were all merry and at that point in the night when you think it will last forever.

It was dark, the cool water beckoning me in, only the light from the beach hut illuminating a small patch of sand in front of it.  So I slipped off my dress and folded it, (it’s funny what you do in company that you wouldn’t do alone).  Then I kept my eyes on the horizon and slipped off my bra.  It felt so liberating! I stood there watching the water feeling the cool sea air on my skin, I was in no hurry.  I slipped off my knickers and started to walk into the water.  It felt fantastic.  I didn’t notice any eyes on me, why would I?  Everyone was in their own little heaven of cool water and starry skies.

I lay back and floated, the stars were beautiful and the sea was calming.  There are so many ways to feel liberated and writing is definitely my number one.  Baring my soul through words, not that different from skinny dipping really!

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6 thoughts on “Skinny Dip

  1. Both take courage, which you seem to have in bucket loads. If you lay out on the table for all to see, it is you saying “this is me!” You have to be ready to listen to criticism and learn from it. That can be scary. It can also be liberating. I want to skinny dip now, but it’s too cold in England and if it weren’t it would have to be secluded or dark. ?? My bravery needs a little more work.

    • Thanks Ellen. I would do it every day if I had the time. Do it and feel proud, only a couple more months and you will have no excuse! Please let me know how it goes. Xx

      • I am dipping my toe in the water metephorically speaking. Entering some flash fiction and a short story since January, while I edit my manuscript. I learned to swim last year in the bath that is the Caribbean… I am nearly there. ?

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  3. I am a young retiree at age 55. Just two years ago I moved into a home with a pool. The subdivision is beautiful. There are palm trees on both sides of the pool allowing “some” privacy from the neighbors. During the day I’ve noticed most neighbors are away and the young ones are away at school. I never see anyone outside. One day, after getting in the pool, I removed my swimming suit. It was a very refreshing and fantastic way to swim! Now I always take off my suit when I swim. It is rare when I swim with a suit on. I always keep an eye out but have yet to have to rush to put my swimming suit back on. I always put it back on before getting out. I really don’t know what I will do when the day comes when I have to wear a swimming suit again.

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