Writing Really is Magic

 Nothing is Black and White, Even Writing

Where does fiction end and real life begin?  My fictional writing obviously has to be based on some facts but is my factual life based on my fiction?

Some of the fiction that I wrote last year are now facts. Characters no longer just inhabit my book, they have come to life. They have walked off the page and shaken my hand. They have looked into my eyes and bought me coffee.

Have I brought these people into existence or am I just more aware of them. Were they at the perimeters of my life and I had not recognised them? Have I welcomed these people into my life by writing about theirs?

If you ask the universe for what you need then it will provide you with it. Perhaps the universe already knows what you need and it is surrounding you, you just have to open your eyes wide enough to see it.

Life is of our own making, we design and create it. Perhaps we are even writing it.

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