Flash Fiction

Fiction In 100 Words

There are many flash fiction websites, so I decided to try my hand. What a great way to make every word count. Writing thousands of words can be so much easier, you have room to breath. In 100 words, every sentence needs to count every word needs to be presice. This is my first attempt;

Walking down Swanston St towards the pub my stomach starts to tighten just as it has every time we have met this past year. I cannot believe he still does this to me, it’s his eyes, I am hypnotised. I push open the heavy door and into the loud noisy room. It is dimly lit, we will be able to melt into the background in here. I see him sat facing me and he smiles, his eyes sparkling.
‘How are you Love?’ he asks and we kiss, his wet lips against mine and once again I fall into his world.

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