I have to admit I didn’t start writing to become a freelance writer. Fiction took over my everyday life and in weeks a novel was born. Then a few months later the second arrived.

After diving head first into this literary world I discovered that most fiction derives from fact.  Whilst listening to fellow writers I realised fact could actually be more interesting than fiction.

That is when the spark ignited my writing in a direction I hadn’t imagined possible and a freelance writing business became something I wanted, not needed. I soon discovered I could encourage others to create continuous content that could be used in many different ways.

Writing Spark will never be a sausage factory of endless books with authors ego’s massaged into every page. However if there is a truth you would like to be told and a lesson that you think can be learnt, I would definitely be interested in hearing from you.

If you think you would benefit from a writing spark please visit to find out more.

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