Nailing Yourself to the Cross


front cover proof one

My book is to be released into the world imminently for anyone to read and so it is not surprising that I feel slightly vulnerable.   My teacher told me; ‘it’s good because it’s authentic’. I hope people don’t nail me to a cross for what I have written because yep it’s pretty authentic!  When I sent my ‘Meta Data’ sheet off to the publisher this week I don’t mind admitting I felt just a little bit sick with nerves.  That just about to get up and talk to an audience sick, quite appropriate that next week I will be attending a ‘speaking’ course then. I may as well get all this nervousness out-of-the-way.

I started my fictional writing in 2015 as a purely cathartic exercise, trying to find a pathway to move forward after an illness. I soon discovered fictional characters who carried me into happier times and who also shouldered some of the more painful aspects of writing as I delved deep into darker experiences. Six months later happier, hopefully wiser but definitely a lot stronger, I had written my first novel.  Writing has always been a source of clarity and inspiration for me, my wish is to help others find their writing spark.

I hope my novel will be received and read in the vein in which it was written but if not at least I have been true to myself.  Bring it on! Next week is going to be BIG.

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