Depression or Discovery?

What if like Jung said you need to dive into your deeper self to really discover who you truly are?  Your shadow could be your friend not your enemy.

What if darkness is just a stage you have reached through a lifetime of knowing there has to be something else?

What if you feel the need for more and so go in search but find yourself alone, waiting and hoping for someone else to hold your hand?

What if while deep in despair you find the strength to pull yourself out, but when you break free you realise everyone has changed?

What if when you look in the mirror you realise it is not everyone else but your self who is different, a new you with eyes wide open.

What if they look at you as if you have changed beyond all recognition?

What if they can only see you the way you use to see yourself?

What if you think everyone should dive deep into their dark self so that they too can feel enlightened?

What if they can never look in the mirror and ask what if?

What if?

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