What is your Purpose? What is your Word?

Over the last year or so I have concentrated on words, not surprising for a writer!  However I am talking about completely absorbing these words.  Just like a fleeting hello with a stranger words are not always acknowledged, absorbed or translated into our own language.  Read or written is not enough.  A word conquered is a word understood.

PURPOSE is the latest word to knock on my door as my little girl answers with wide eyes of honest openness and curiosity.  To have PURPOSE  in everything you do is an up hill slow jog, no sprint can accomplish this.  Time and energy, focus, tenacity and endurance are needed for this seven letter word. Is your PURPOSE a thread in everything you do?  Surely that is the aim?  The claim to fame.

Another word I have come to know and deeply feel is FREEDOM.  I don’t think it is felt by many and I feel sad by this.  The kind of sadness that has no answer because sad can only be solved by you.  Sometimes we need FREEDOM from our self to step outside our situation and see a different perspective.  Maybe we need FREEDOM from those around us, to put down the weight of others expectations.  A new horizon, goal or focus can be found by simply looking, head up and eyes open is all it takes.  FREEDOM from our surroundings is something I felt when we emigrated; no car, no job, nobody’s conditions, the feeling was similar to flying or levitation but it was so new it seemed scary until I recognised it and swam with the tide instead of against it.

SELF is another word that keeps me sane.  No one is in charge of my happiness except my SELF.  My children give me love which makes me happy but they are not my source of happiness, that has to come from the well inside of me.  The fuel of my smiles are the eyes that look back at me every morning from the mirror.  At some point obviously I am distracted by the spot at the end of my nose, of the new-found grey hair, those darn wispy eyebrows or the ever-increasing wrinkles next to my eyes.  These things have to take the back seat, whilst I look at my SELF and make sure I’m ok and that the smile is my energy and not a mask of deception.

How is she doing?

Feeling INVINCIBLE but that is another blog or perhaps another book

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