Capote Still Has Me By The Balls

‘Be anything but a coward, a pretender, an emotional crook, a whore: I’d rather have cancer than a dishonest heart’

Capote,  Balls

Led through the twists and turns of Holly’s tumultuous trists.  Yarns of her internal and external pain that occasionally snag at the stories thread. I start to admire her honesty, her flighty language and her lack of attachment.

A small child with bold abandonment, isn’t that who we all are inside?  Wanting a hand to hold, not hold us back?

Miss Golightly was definitely more likely to flee than stay and fight I knew that. The fuel of an angel is obviously stored in her wings!

Onwards and upwards Holly, I wonder where you are now?  Are you still hiding behind those dark glasses in a cafe? I imagine you chatting to a handsome stranger, occasionally letting the game slip and showing your honesty, unknowingly sucking him in.

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