A Community of Smiles

The playground at my children’s school is full of smiling parents who generally say G’day. However this isn’t always the way, rushing around not having the time to give a quick smile and hello can be the death of a community.  Eyes down, eyes on a screen, no eye to eye.  Is smiling at a stranger a dying art?

I try every day to smile at others and generally this is returned. Occasionally though I get a scowl or a blank.  Are people so absorbed they have no room in their life for a smile?  What else in their life are they missing out on?

As society has evolved to hours spent looking at screens instead of each other, is a smile an endangered species?

Are we becoming more isolated in a world that’s population is only ever-increasing?

How can this be?

We have so many different ways of communicating via different apps, let’s not lose the smile.  It is as precious as gold dust and shines brighter than the sun.

Smile, start with your reflection first.

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