The Dark Side

Surely we all have a dark side?

No I disagree, I refuse to believe this! There are experiences which we label as dark.  We can hide these away within ourselves, call them pain and build on them. What we are really doing is hiding what that dark actually is maybe it’s lonliness or anger, grief or distrust. Maybe it’s ALOT of these things rolled up together. Dark is easy, dark started as light.

If we call it pain we can rely on it when we need a hill to climb or a barrier to build or a dark place to hide. It is our reliable dark but how would we know it is dark if we had not experienced light? Now it is dark we can forget what it actually was and what its true meaning is and that we existed quite happily without it.

However no longer is this a small pain or a tiny dark because we have wrapped every bad experience around it.  Now it is a huge snowball of worries, stories and negatives.

What if getting rid of this was as easy as bursting a balloon? But maybe you don’t want to, you have relied on this for a very long time, it is part of you, it is always there when you need it. Why would you want to get rid of it?   You might have to admit to this pain and you might have to be slightly more specific about what this means to you. Once you have done that the weight will start to lift. The pain will dissolve, why?  Because you are being honest with the most important person in the world….YOU.

‘Turn the light on!’ Someone once told me. It really is that simple.

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