A Curiously Normal Sexpo

Whilst arriving at Sexpo this weekend with my subject of sexual liberation I couldn’t help thinking of comparisons of my book with a certain Shades of Grey, obviously I’m happy about being compared to a book that has become a multimillion dollar business.  In the back of my mind I was thinking how the ‘Grey’ books have changed erotic fiction and people’s acceptance of it, did I need to be at Sexpo? Surely sexy fiction is mainstream now? Maybe it is but liberation certainly isn’t as I found out almost immediately.

I was expecting a flamboyant, sexually aware audience, ready to play, not a shy introverted audience.  I just wasn’t prepared for that, I didn’t ever expect to be the educator. So as I stumbled along occasionally hitting the gold that the audience wanted to hear, I realised there was no where to hide I needed to share my truth after all that is what writers do. Finally when I relaxed into sharing, guess what? The audience did too and they engaged it was an awesome experience.

Sexpo really is all about being open and accepting in a huge room full of wonderful people. This was my first shot and although I missed a few targets I still walked away with some wonderful gifts; I met some fabulous people and I learnt so much about presenting. I can’t wait to do it again, next time I will hold steady and aim straight for the bullseye, the heart, not the mind.

Thank you Sexpo for another lesson in life.

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