Lyrics of Faith

A spilt pot of black ink

Covers your soul

Gone in a blink

Then back with a blow


This weapon is heavy and strong and true

A friend you thought, a part of you

Then it is dashed

And reality changes

Light has entered

The darkness endangered

But knowledge is power and now yours has gone

Happiness were just notes that never made song

But open, stay open

Uncertain may be

These are new words, new language, new me


There is no knowledge of Love or Pain

Both as equally insane

Just theories and light that can hurt more than dark

A new trust inside that can hopefully spark


Whilst smiling and proud a new game I play

It’s called ‘how much can I give this day’

A gift to others of words, smiles and eyes

Reciprication being the ultimate prize


It’s really just trying

Not worried to fall

I’ll pick myself up

When I hit the wall

So higher and higher I climb from the ground

With a new sense of self I’m so glad I have found.

Poetry isn’t something that I ever thought I would write but as Richard kindly sent me a little plug poem for my business I thought I would see what would flow through my pen when asked to rhyme and compact my emotions into less than fifty words and not 80’000! I was also inspired by a fabulous guitarist whose nimble fingers produced the most amazing flow. At the end of his session he said ‘I’ll tap you up for some lyrics’. Please tap away my friend, I thought.

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