The Point

What’s your point?
The point of writing is surely to express an opinion or an insight. What is your unique perspective? What do you want to tell the world?

It is clear that a lot of us find this out after our work is finished. A wonderful moment of clarity that comes not whilst writing but after the point has been made. Sometimes this is in conflict with our original point of view, a new learning.

Surely having your point marked out as a path to follow makes sense though? A steering light at the end of the dark tunnel. Even if we don’t yet know the answer the quest has been set.

What if that point is never really understood? Or maybe confused with other points of view. Well surely that is also the point, to open discussion.

A point is also the premise and should not be spelt out, simply implied for we cannot inflict our point of view on others. We can only tell the world what we see through our eyes and hope that someone agrees or understands.

When they disagree it’s useful, what different experience have they encountered that has led to the completely opposite perspective?  I enjoy those discussions immensely.

As long as the conversation has been started, that is the point.

My point with Sharks & Lovers is a question about our rights and our wrongs. I’m not sure I found an answer but I broadened my perspective and hopefully others too.

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