Confessions of Sexpo

These nameless confessions from Sexpo I hope will inspire, confront and comfort. We all have a story to tell and I had the amazing privilege of listening to these beautiful people.

1. The Poet

He came in as soon as the doors opened on day one with eyes searching.

‘I used to write poetry’ he said with excitement in his voice but then he turned away and looked down.

‘But my muse left me’

His eyes searched the room again.

‘She was gorgeous, I need to find another!’

He came back three or four more times updating me on beautiful women he had seen but not one could fit the void it would seem.

2. The Joker

A wonderfully funny man who kept me amused by probing fact from fiction about my book in a jovial manner, then said

‘I don’t mind sucking the occasional dick you know, I wouldn’t tell my friends of course’

I’m glad he could tell me.

Are we all hiding a truth? I wondered.

3. The Beautiful Queen

She was 67 and nervously looking around on her own.

‘You see I bought the tickets months ago but then my boyfriend had to coach footie so I’m here alone. We’ve only been together six months and have decided to try new things and I thought well I’ve never been to Sexpo so let’s do that!….He’s a wonderful man you know, I can’t wait to tell him all about it’

4. The Lonely Miner

Tall and muscular with a cheeky grin he didn’t pretend to be interested in my book.

‘I’m a fifo’ he said (fly in fly out) with lonely eyes ‘When I’m in Melbourne I’d love to take you out for a drink’

‘Maybe a coffee’ I replied

5. The Generous Heart

He bought me a cuppa and asked if I needed a break, he was working but handing out leaflets so could wonder around. He had lost a lot of money in his divorce and proudly showed me pictures on his phone of his son that he has at weekends.

‘Twenty odd years we were married and she cleaned me out in the divorce’

6. The Submissive and her Master

She was taller than him and explained about ‘sub space’

‘It’s the place you go to after a huge orgasm, that kind of blank euphoria. The problem is the come downs can be as big as the highs that’s why you really need to know the person you’re practicing with, imagine if you started crying half an hour after sex with a complete stranger!’

7. The Sparkling Goddess

Her boyfriend seemed very shy standing a little way from us but she exuded confident curiosity from every pore.

‘I’ve always wanted to come and finally I’ve found a man who will bring me! He’s been before a few times but his ex would never come with him. I couldn’t wait to explore! It’s so friendly isn’t it, everyone is here to have fun, I’m going to do the public strip in a minute!’

8. The Tattooed Teen

‘I’m covered, I have twenty-five and I like the way they are all different and tell a different story.’

It was hard to believe she had twenty-five, I think she showed me ten. They were all black and I showed her my gecko.

‘I’m going to go and get another one now’ she said giving me a huge bear hug, the strength of her tiny arms exuding her amazing expression.

9. The Warrior

‘Books like this saved my marriage! I had to have a double mastectomy and for years I just wasn’t interested in sex but I’m good now’ she said proudly pushing out her breasts, ‘I’ve had them done’

‘This is great, you write it, we buy it, read it, tell our husbands what to do and blame it on you!’

Another warm hug followed.

More confessions coming soon…..