Who is Frankie Banks the Author?




Red Dust & Sunsets

Originally from England,  Frankie left her heart in Australia in 2002 whilst traveling. The laid back attitude, red dust, sunsets,  sea, sand and surf all seduced her and she knew one day she would return to the lucky country.  Back in England on cold, wet winter days Frankie would lay in the bath and imagine herself back in Western Australia snorkeling on the Ningaloo Reef the cool ocean washing over her body as the tropical fish played beneath water.  In 2013 her dream was Frankie’s dream was realised and she returned to Aus.  Living on the Mornington Peninsula Frankie draws upon her knowledge of travel and the more salacious characters of life to produce her intriguing series Sharks & Lovers.

Inspirational Reading

Frankie’s Inspiration comes from Jane Austen with Pride and Prejudice being her favourite all time read. Other favourite authors include; Christos Tsoilkas, Steinbeck, Donna Tartt, Stephen King, Richard Bachman, Tracey Chevalier, Phillippa Gregory, Alexander Macall Smith, Paulo Coehlo, Tolstoy, Capote and obviously Dickens!