Fictional Memoir

Apparently Truman Capote was one of the founders of the fictional memoir. What a fabulous idea weaving fiction and fact together most of us do that everyday anyway and sometimes the fabulous freedom of fiction can help you focus on the facts.

Letting fictional characters reveal truths about yourself and yet leaving the reader wondering about exactly which threads are real is genius.  As for the author talking to a stranger is so much easier, talking to the reader who we cannot even see is so much simpler, thank you!  

When a character knows you enough to take you through all of your trials and tribulations and takes the time to gently reveal a different perspective they become your allies, part of the team. Occasionally the protagonist propels their perceptions with no protection for the author but that’s ok we are just the singer in the band. Thank you Characters.

I believe the writer is in flow when they write from their subconscious not their conscious mind. That is why you cannot edit as you go and also why there are so many mistakes. It’s like a right hander putting the pen in their left hand and finally getting to their truth. Obviously it’s extremely freeing but also confronting and continuously changing.  Thank you subconscious.

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and On The Road are well known fictional memoirs. I wonder how many or which of Jane Austens novels are fictional memoir?  I’m also sure there are many novels that are still sitting in ‘fiction’ whereby even the author doesn’t realise or are not willing to admit to fact. Thank you authors.

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Drafts of Gold

I have just re-edited and re-published my e-book, it was a decision made in response to feedback.  Although I am happy with the new edition with many minor changes to grammar and punctuation I still believe that one day my first ever draft will be published so that the bare bones are visible. I won’t substantially edit that because it would lose its honesty. For now however I will conform.

Having just started writing the ‘treatment’ for adaption into screenplay, I am combining book one and two. This process has so far minimised the story from around 150,000 words down to 30,000. These are the main scenes that carry the story and characters forward, almost the best bits which is very gratifying. Obviously I am now looking at both novels completely differently, it’s a confusing, interesting and enlightening process, suffice to say I am learning and growing.

The treatment is in effect just another draft, of hundreds. I thought once my book was published the endless drafts would stop but I was wrong. Every process needs a draft so the adapting, editing and reworking will continue.  Those first drafts are worth their weight in gold, I now realise.  Like most things in life you need time away from something to really appreciate it.

Next on the list is the S.E.L.F book project which explores how writing can be used as therapy this is my Sexpo project and is very much in draft form, another draft!

My book Sharks and Lovers is available to download here


Sexpo and the Writer

I have this gig in November to talk about my writing and how it has empowered me.  As my novels contain rather a lot of sex I suppose it is appropriate for me to do this at the Sexpo S.H.A.R.E seminars but somehow I feel like I will disappoint the audience. I’m just a normal housewife who has found a passion in writing. I don’t have huge breasts or a fabulous figure. I haven’t even had my eyelashes extended (like so many of the mums in the playground).

I hope I can concoct a talk that entices people into writing and empowers people to embrace their so-called ‘dark side’. I wonder if anyone will listen or even show up, I hope I can deliver. I have three months to come up with an engaging, interactive talk, an outfit I feel comfortable in and most importantly a bloody big helping of courage!

I will keep you posted and if you have any advice I’d be really grateful….

Nailing Yourself to the Cross


front cover proof one

My book is to be released into the world imminently for anyone to read and so it is not surprising that I feel slightly vulnerable.   My teacher told me; ‘it’s good because it’s authentic’. I hope people don’t nail me to a cross for what I have written because yep it’s pretty authentic!  When I sent my ‘Meta Data’ sheet off to the publisher this week I don’t mind admitting I felt just a little bit sick with nerves.  That just about to get up and talk to an audience sick, quite appropriate that next week I will be attending a ‘speaking’ course then. I may as well get all this nervousness out-of-the-way.

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Ready to Roll

My Book is Ready

Finally after a year of Synchronicity, Submission and Skinny Dipping I am ready for my book to be published.  It is quite a strange feeling I don’t mind admitting.  I have had some very good advice from people that have already had a sneak peak and I thank them all enormously.  I have edited the content so many times but last weekend I picked up my working copy and realised I was trying to improve a sentence that was actually ok to begin with.  I am not Jane Austen however romantic my notions and my book is not a  masterpiece. However if it makes anyone smile, smirk, laugh, cry or even just wiggle with the uncomfortable truth I know I did my job well.

My book Sharks & Lovers is available to download here:

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Flash Fiction

Fiction In 100 Words

There are many flash fiction websites, so I decided to try my hand. What a great way to make every word count. Writing thousands of words can be so much easier, you have room to breath. In 100 words, every sentence needs to count every word needs to be presice. This is my first attempt;

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Writing Book Three – Harry’s Back!

Writing the Next Book

I woke up at 3am. Laying in the dark my tired brain started blaming me for all the wrongs; mine, yours and everyone else’s. Then rolling over I start worrying about all the could be’s And shouldn’t be’s and maybe’s.

‘Sod this Darling!’ Harry said

He carried me up the stairs in his strong arms and plonked me down in the chair. He opened my laptop and we started to chat as I started to write. I was so pleased he was back.  I thought about apologising for not giving him a voice in the last book but I knew he would just tell me to shut up so I let my fingers do the talking.

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Producing a Piece of Writing from a Transcript

Fiction is definitely my love, I am an escape artist of epic proportion.  However I am starting to enjoy factual writing and even transcribing.  My client recently asked me to record and then transcribe a conversation with his dying brother.  I knew this would be hard.  I carry with me at all times a big bubble of emotion but that had no place in this situation I had to be in control, professional and then I had to do my job. Continue reading

Endurance, the hard work

I have never understood physical endurance tests. One of our good friends once did the Marathon de Sables; five and a half marathons in five or six days, set in the Sahara Desert.  I am currently writing with a guy who has swam the English Channel. Why? Was my first question. Surely life is difficult enough without giving yourself more challenges. However I have realised that giving yourself these bigger challenges makes very easy work of everything else.  Isn’t it true, that through struggle we grow?

Feeling physically fit is mentally empowering. Being a Pom in Melbourne can sometimes feel like a fish out of water. Aussies are a beautiful race and generally seem a lot more active than us Brits. Beach Road is more of a cycle track than a road. Swimmers don’t just go to the beach to muck about, they go to swim five kilometres, ten kilometres. Even around the bay!

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