I was trying third person writing whilst away this July in Noosa. I didn’t publish it at the time because I didn’t like it but it’s grown on me a bit more now.


He walked along the shoreline looking out onto the river, under the surface of the water he knew the fish were territorial. The flat glass surface reflecting the suns glinting rays however showed no sign of this underworld.  Just as the pretty girls that walked the riverside their bodies happily bouncing showed no signs of the venom that Tom had experienced. No sign at all on their beautiful faces or their long smooth legs. They should come with warning signs! thought Tom.

Jules had been his latest jilter. Tom was a tall lad 6ft 3, broad shoulders and an even broader smile. Girls fell for him even before he opened his mouth and his Irish lilt spilled out, showering their small pretty ears with gifts of kindness and compliments. The problem was that Tom would bestow these kind gifts on anyone and everyone. They were not precious stones only occasionally found glinting in the sun, they were showers of light that would pour out of him. Sharing was his gift, he knew no other way.  At first a beautiful sight but all too soon the receiver of these gems would want them all to herself, would want the sharing to stop.

These wonderful women didn’t think he would stick around. The next pretty girls head to turn was after all just across the road or serving him his next skinny cap.

Noosa was a seasonal resort and Tom hadn’t yet suffered a summer when the stifling heat was like wading through a sickly sweet soup. Tom was a dreamer and the next road trip had always been just a pay check away until now.  He had fallen for Jules and had spent slow Sexy evenings sharing wine by the river, wrapping her up in soft blankets so that his hands could wander free. 

He had also fallen for Noosa, the river had a vibe of its own different to the beach and the buzz of Main Street. He could easily settle here. What he had failed to tell Jules was that he had citizenship and could stay wherever he chose but he didn’t want her to know, he didn’t want to give anyone that power again and so Toms vicious circle kept turning, except this time he had found its axis.