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In a few weeks I will be heading to Brisbane to talk and promote my books at Sexpo 2017. I’m so excited!  In celebration of this I wanted to share Sharks & Lovers Australia on my site for free!

Set in the beautiful Bayside suburb of Melbourne and the remote Kakadu National Park  adventures of the heart for Tabatha and Stacey hit the red dust.

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Flash Fiction

Fiction In 100 Words

There are many flash fiction websites, so I decided to try my hand. What a great way to make every word count. Writing thousands of words can be so much easier, you have room to breath. In 100 words, every sentence needs to count every word needs to be presice. This is my first attempt;

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Three Botanical Gardens and the Things I Didn’t Write

When I travelled around Australia in  2003 my friends bought me a diary to write. I had three very different experiences in three Botanical Gardens so I thought I would dig out my diary and reminisce.  Searching through my notes I realised I didn’t document them! The people, places and events that interested me then are definitely not what interests me now. I will have to write from memory.

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Page Three…the error

I have sent my manuscript to various publishers and then today as I went through it for the umpteenth time I saw it. That bloody error on the third page! This means that all five publishers will have seen it.  Some publishers want 100 pages, some the first chapter, all want a synopsis. One wanted a three line synopsis! To which my explicit words were rampant for a good half hour whilst composing.

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Frankie’s Fiction

It was busy on the train into Flinders Street but Sarah managed to get a seat.  The man opposite catching glances in her direction was about her fathers age and ruggedly handsome.  Sarah’s phone beeped and she looked down.

Running five minutes late, meet you inside the NGV

She looked out of the window noticing some of the tin roofs passing by. It had been a long time since she had stayed with her Gran in Warburton. She loved thinking back to the nights she had spent laying in her bed listening to the rain hammering on the roof. The sound would send her off to sleep and at other times would wake her up with huge crashing thunder and lightning. Luckily their house never got hit, she knew a few in Warby that had.

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Kakadu (Gagudju) National Park

My characters in book two are in the amazing Kakadu National Park at the moment. So as I sit in the café in Melbourne, the rain thundering on the tin roof.  I can’t help feeling the weather getting warmer and more humid with every word I type.  The buzz of people around me fuelling my fingertips.

What a wonderful place Kakadu is, whilst I was working there I was lucky enough to share accommodation with three Aboriginal Australian girls. They were amazing spirits, such energy, always smiling, laughing and joking, always so much to say and always so dramatic.

There were many Australians from far and wide and immediately I recognised their accents as very different from each other.  There were a few Kiwi’s and some European’s, Indonesians, Malaysians. What a wonderful soup of souls we were.

As with a lot of lifes rich experiences I took it for granted at the time. When going back to the diary I kept, I was much more interested in recording the wildlife and surroundings than the late night deep conversations of these wonderful people. Oh how we change! If I could travel back in time I would record all of our chats, the facial expressions, the little nuances of these colourful individuals.

I have so many questions to ask of these people that have now probably little or no memory of me. I will have to rely on my recollection and add a bit of artistic license to a few stories. That is the beauty of writing, the thin line between fact and fiction is really only there for the writer to know and reader to guess at.

So as I wonder around the streets and cafe’s of Melbourne, excuse me if I bump into you, I’m not reading my iPhone or trying to get your attention. My mind is simply in Kakadu (Gagudju) National Park. The heat is burning my shoulders, as I scan the red dust for snakes. Watching the heat haze on the horizon which makes the gum trees look like a mirage. The escarpment seems to reach so far, I can see the curvature of the earth. I climb to the top of Gunlom Falls my back wet with sweat and dip my toe into the cooling water, wondering if Crocs can climb. Then I immerse my body in the refreshing serenity of the pool. The huge boulders acting like armchairs to sit upon. If I am about to be eaten by a Croc what a wonderful place for it to happen!

Melbourne is a distant memory, just the place my physical form inhabits as I type away at my laptop. I may be present in Melbourne but my presence is undeniably in Kakadu.

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Resistance is Futile

“What is good? – All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man.  What is bad? – All that proceeds from weakness. What is happiness? – The feeling that power increases – that a resistance is overcome…”  Nietzsche

I have overcome a resistance, a resistance to being me.  I feel empowered by this and just being me is making me extremely happy.  When I stumbled across this quote by Nietzsche this morning, I thought Yes! Yes! Yes!  This is how I feel.  I have a mental power that I have never felt before. Power to me use to mean men in suits, the educated, political power, super powers.  I certainly never thought I would associate this kind of power to me but I have grown enormously since starting to write.

Whilst I was writing my first book I attended a self-defence course.  The two guys running it were menacing to look at, however by the end of the day they had shown a softer caring side.  We spent the day learning how to get out of various grips and holds. When a muscle-bound 6 ft 10 inch guy tries to drag you away and you can easily escape his clutches, the power shifts in your favour.  It was exhilarating.  The main lesson I came away with I wrote in my notebook as soon as I got into the car, ‘Don’t resist’ to be able to break away from something that holds you, you first have to go with it.  I knew this was true in many areas of my life.

I had been carrying a huge resistance to being me, this fight had to stop.  However to be able to let go of the past I knew I had to revisit it.  Two steps forward and one step back.  I was still moving forward just very slowly.  At times whilst writing I was so submerged in the characters I would go to the shops as them, Harry often strutted around the ‘burbs’ of Melbourne checking out the totty.  At other times Milla would drag her feet along the pavement to the local supermarket and buy a huge bag of sugary sweets. Some days writing would feel as though I was sinking very slowly to the bottom of the ocean.  My hands and arms spread wide in surrender to my thoughts, no emotion just pure surrender.  It was a calm feeling not thrashing around drowning, just a surrender to my sub-conscious. As my feet touched the sandy mud at the bottom I would rise quickly, vertically to the surface, the bubbles of my exhaled breath tickling my body.  When my head broke the surface of the water, the blue of the sky was endless. I could feel every tiny sun beam penetrating the pores of my face and the water around me was warm.  It was a hug from the universe, it was progression.

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A Trip to Swinburne University

I was lucky enough, a couple of weeks ago to attend Swinburne University Writing Festival.  Being new to this writing game, I couldn’t wait to go and see if I was getting it right. I am about 30,000 words into my novel.  To say I was nervous was an understatement, sweaty palms, tummy churning. I drove into the city and completely underestimated the time it would take to get to Hawthorn from Bayside. Amazingly I found a parking space immediately and wasn’t late. I got the lift up to the third floor and was greeted by a warm smiley face, ‘Are you student, lecturer or other?’ she asked me ‘other’ I replied, I’m always ‘other’ through will or circumstance, conformity doesn’t come naturally to me.

As the festival started, my heart was in my mouth, what if nothing they say made any sense and then that awful feeling of, ‘please don’t ask me any questions, what so ever, not even my name, 9×7=?; I never knew the answer to that bloody question. Racing mind, under confident kid at school, staring out the window hoping I was somewhere else. I close my eyes and when I open them, calmness washes over me. I look around; there are all walks of life in here, all ages, cultures, a real melting pot.  I relax my shoulders and shut off my annoying child. What Makes a Good Story?  The panel are introduced and are all very different from each other.  Could it be possible that there is no box I need to try to squeeze into to be a writer, I can just be me? The panel are asked the first question; what book would you take to a dessert Island?  The answers come in, ‘Trainspotting’, ‘The Goldfinch’ among others including ‘How to get off a Dessert Island’, ‘Raft Building’ etc.  Trainspotting, one of my favourite books, I need to reread it I think immediately; my book has a slight drug theme, perfect.  The Goldfinch, I loved it! I have something in common with these published writers.

As I sit making notes about What Makes a Good Story; identifying with the character, suspense, conflict, detail, I am ticking these off as I mentally find them in my book. I let out a little sigh.  Oh my god, Yes, Yes, Yes.  I have to stop myself spontaneously erupting into a huge orgasm in the vain of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.  All these words are penetrating me slowly and deeply. At the end of the talk, I rush back along the Nepean Highway to do the school run on cloud nine. I had only signed up to day one, but I can’t wait to get home and sign up to tomorrow there is ‘The Perils and Pitfall of Writing a Memoir’.  My book started off as memoir and is based on a lot of experiences from my life so that’s a good enough reason to go along surely? I just need to go back there and feel immersed in this writing culture.  I scroll along to day three on my phone and then I see it, ‘The Pitch’, my heart jumps into my throat,

‘Oh my God, I can’t believe it, Oh shit, and shit, shit’ I say aloud

‘What is it? Is someone ill?, what’s happened?’  Asks my nine-year old son

‘Oh Goodness, I can’t believe it, Oh No, I can’t’ I say

‘What? tell us?’

‘So this writers thing at the Uni on Thursday, you can pitch your idea, so I’ll have to tell them about my book, I hate speaking in front of people’ I say with a huge grin on my face excitedly.

‘Hmmmmm’ says my son not understanding.

‘I have to do it, I have to tell them about my book, I have to do it’ I say

‘Great, then do it’ he says, things are so simple put by a nine-year old!

‘I will’ I say giving him a hug.

I spend the evening thinking about how to summarize my idea, my book.  But also thinking about the person that was writing the memoir back in February. They are a distant memory now and have overcome some huge personal millstones. The next day I go to the Uni a little earlier and sit sipping a coffee, the talk starts with an amazingly strong woman.  As I listen, she says exactly how I felt when I started to write, ‘getting to know ourselves as well as our world’. I’m not the same person who sat down in February to work through a stage in my life that I was embarrassed, ashamed and confused about.  Only four months on, I feel like an author of a completely different book, a book about courage, facing our truths, and saying fuck it. This is me.  I’ve found a different voice; it has stamina and packs a punch.

The panel talk about ‘who owns the story?’ I have thought about this a lot with my own book as there are some truths that although are my own, I would not want to hurt anyone else by publishing.  One of the panellists says, ‘I pity the family that has a writer as you steal their narrative’.  Everyone sees an event in a different light.  All these ideas resonate with me so much and yet I am not writing a memoir, maybe I should be, or maybe that is the next book, not this one? I come away buzzing, going again today was completely the right thing to do, but I feel slightly confused and scared.

‘Oh no that under confident child is coming back, the one that likes to beat myself up for the slightest misdemeanour, let alone the bigger story’, I think.

I rush again to pick the kids up and only just get there on time. In the evening, I go through my pitch, take out any negative verbs, and replace them with certainty.  I feel happy and go through the pitch about fifty times until it is etched into my brain.

Typically, I decide to go a different route to Hawthorn today and yep I am stuck in traffic with 5 minutes to go, I dump the car in an hour slot and hope I don’t get booked.  It’s raining. I walk into an unfamiliar building and get the escalator up to the third floor, ok I’m in a parallel universe, or this is the wrong Swinburne building.  I go back down onto the street and look around, I see the building I need and jog along. In the lift I find a piece of calm and when I get to the third floor, I am just in time, I go to the back and make a coffee, a ritual that yesterday seemed to keep my hands busy and my mind focused. The talking starts and the audience is asked if there is anyone that would like to pitch that they haven’t spoken to.  The speaker acknowledges me as I tentatively raise my hand.  Immediately my hearts beat has found its way to my ears and I feel the blood rising to my chest and face. The panel are introduced and I feel comfortable that they aren’t scary, just normal people. Others give their pitch and my heart is still racing and then its my turn, I know mine is shorter than the others but hopefully it’s enough. I walk up to the front and I am given the microphone, I have no idea what to do with it and am told to hold it closer to my mouth.  The pounding bass of my heart is so loud in my ears and the voice that echoes from the microphone certainly doesn’t seem like mine.  I look down at my notes and although I try to make eye contact with the panel, I am secretly hoping my notes will suck me into their world.  I finish and take a seat next to one of the panellists, he is smiling and saying good things.  I can’t quite make it out, but my hand is frantically trying to take the words from his mouth and write them down. I take my seat and try to breathe, my hands are shaking and I keep nearly losing my pen, I look at my notebook and try to write the comments, eloquent, well executed, liked the ending.  I need a tangible hook, be more specific.

On the way home I reflect that I couldn’t possibly give them the whole story but yes I should have told them about Harry, my favourite character who is, being seduced by women everywhere and who I think I’m slightly in love with too! Again I rush back to get the kids but don’t make it in time.  As I arrive home it is raining and the kids and I arrive simultaneously at the front door. ‘Don’t you even care about us?’ says my little girl, ‘why didn’t you pick us up, we are all wet now from the rain’ In the morning I explain to my children that I will always be here, but that I want to be a writer too and that they will need to share me with the world.  They look at me with wide eyes and wonder.  I hope they understand. This is just the beginning.

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