Single Mum on the Run

It’s funny how you can wander along the same road everyday and never notice the architecture, the people behind the windows or maybe the goblin looking down from the pitched roof. Sometimes you need to take a break and walk a different route before you can see the details plainly.

I planned to go to Alice Springs this week and attend the writers festival there and yet I realised whilst on the road it wasn’t a destination I needed, just a different perspective.

We ended up in Adelaide but could have been anywhere, I needed some time on my own with my kids to think about our future. It was my first trip as a single parent and it’s amazing how different that felt, at first the odd one out, needing to be stronger with no one else to lean on but then relaxing and realising it’s not so different after all.

All we needed was a room to feel safe and together, we watched the ‘box tv’ (as my son called it) and snuggled on the double bed.  In the morning when they came back in to tell me all about their dreams and how well they had slept that gift was better than any beach view, infinity pool or breakfast on the balcony.

Being on the road simplifies life and suddenly your goals, dreams, wants and needs all seem to align. The important things surfacing above the millions of choices we have to make everyday.

The Freedom of a Road Trip


Have you ever driven 500 kilometers in one day?

If you haven’t then do it!

I had forgotten how lost your mind can get when the road in front of you is so straight forward.  How you feel completely in control of your destiny whilst watching the ever changing light and landscape.

A wonderful perspective grew in every direction the further we drove until finally we reached our destination and everything was still.  Our eyes were wide open now taking in new places and faces, relaxing in our peculiar surroundings.

Then came the journey home to a place of calm familiar comforts, where growth continues at a slower pace moving forward every minute but not at 500 kilometers a day, or does it?