Confessions of Sexpo

These nameless confessions from Sexpo I hope will inspire, confront and comfort. We all have a story to tell and I had the amazing privilege of listening to these beautiful people.

1. The Poet

He came in as soon as the doors opened on day one with eyes searching.

‘I used to write poetry’ he said with excitement in his voice but then he turned away and looked down.

‘But my muse left me’

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Why are You Writing?

In 2013 we emigrated to Australia, I fell in love with this beautiful country when I travelled around it in 2002 so I was truly exhilarated to be bringing my family back. The space, beaches, warmth and landscapes were some of the things I couldn’t wait to show my children. Three months later the company that had sponsored us made my husband redundant, luckily within two weeks he had three job offers but he still had to spend the next year climbing back up the greasy pole. Six months later I found myself in a radiology lab being scanned to see what the growth was in my throat. I had been on antibiotics for two months and surgery was looming. Was it cancer?

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