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Just wanted to say I finished your book and loved it! Loved the characters, the setting and Tabatha! The characters were enjoyable and relatable. The setting was foreign and enticing.

I feel like I know the characters, especially Frankie. A really good and entertaining read, thoroughly recommend.

Loved it from start to finish, very Jackie Collins, can’t wait for the next book!

Wendy Barrett said ‘Thank you so much for writing a book,  I’d love to get my hands on the second book that id love to buy. I love reading erotic fiction books.. I’ve read 50 shades trilogy. All Megan Hart books and at the moment I’m reading Tiffany Reisz books.. My beautiful friends (husband and wife), they both are deaf and don’t really read books very well. They love watching me telling them stories from all those books (using sign language with visual action). I hope to collect all of your books and cant wait to read more..’

‘Jackie C with a bit more grit’

‘I haven’t read so much sex since fifty shades!’

‘Awkward in parts because yes it happens to us all’

‘The kind of book your girlfriend leaves on her bedside and you take a sneaky peak at!’

‘I want to meet Harry!’

‘I want to be Harry!’

‘I hate Harry!’

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